Saturday, October 3, 2009

Recover when Tired

it is a good feeling when job done
yeah really done
todei our grup done with the production of both product
cheezy supreme and DeFanta cream cake
in early mornin' we has been started
till late evenin'
i know im not expert in bakery
it is a good experience
to learn and improve
so i know why it is so enjoyin'
credits to my all fella friends
helpin' each other
make me love yer so much
its gonna make me remember it
till im dead
Techno-Day is around the corner
also with the test
challenge of engineering
is comin' up
with the notorious charming
an analysis of food
"really advanced"
the preparation almost complete
it make me dyin' craziness
i take the challenge and face that charmin'
ready on my word
oh forgot..
Techno-Day to...
come and visit our both later
we promise you our product is the best
100% satisfaction guarantee
you can buy it in package..
wait n see for our presentation..
see ya later.....

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