Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Will of SIFE

Student In Free Entreprise
Yesterday was last day of National Exposition 2010
three day in Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur and Putra World Trade Center is amazing
I'm glad as a sifer, from here I know better
business, communication, networking, teamwork, friends,
SIFE teach me how to be better person whereas it also help the community around us
The ideas from all universities are such brilliant, gigantic with impressive
The presentation are tremendously give a goosebump
By that,
Congratulation to SIFE UiTM
You always becoming such a great team
Nice idea and hardwork
You all do a good job
Hence, to the SIFE UMS
There still a chance for us to compete for next year
More than, to SIFE UMT
you all also good
I'm impress with your presentation
which is 100% use video..OMG
You can be that serious?
You all become as marvelous ideas la...
Last but not least
to SIFE UTP, good job
to SIFE MMU, SIFE event can't be more cheerio without you all..
I like your cheers
to SIFE UNITEN, you presentation also nice
you make me feelin' curious la...and also nervous
nice implemented technology..
to all university sifers
don't down because we can't
We can..
to all readers,
please kindly visit this web site
Next year, we gonna be host for the
A Head for Business
A Heart for the world

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