Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mice Mice Mice

Nowadays technology become more advance
The "pet" which the mice,
you can see that this creature
was evolved
other words "mutated"
Hah ha...
just kidding..
Before this,
I given the money to my brother
to buy to me this new mouse
After he bought it,
I'm really got nerve
Hah ha...just kidding again...
I'm shocked and satisfied really
It just want to change with the new one, though
the old one it is costing me
"kuat makan bateri"
with the new one,
it is save the battery energy
suitable for gaming, though
the quite interesting is
"Friendly User"
from quite up there
quite expensive
the product is
"Logitech Wireless Mouse M505"

[Click here or the picture to view page of product]
I'm just give the suggestion and commendation

P/S - I'm still like the Razer mouse..:)

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