Monday, December 14, 2009

Speak of the Uniqueness

Sometime that I'm not exactly understand
the language of my younger brother itself
until now this is what I'm already figure it out..

ai-teh mean "air teh"
el-lo mean "milo"
mayan-na mean "jangan lah" or "bukan"
mu-khan mean "bukan"
sya-na mean "sana"
shi-ni mean "sini"
a-shi mean "nasi"
a-shi oleng mean "nasi goreng"
pu-lish mean "polis"
sham-bedi-hep-mi mean "somebody help me"
i-lut mean "reload"
wat-chu-duin mean "what you doing"
aish-tlim mean "ais krim"
pa-ju mean "baju"
pan-di mean "mandi"
she-ko-lah mean "sekolah"
ti-to mean "tidur"
ai-nak mean "air nak" or "nak air"
o-ti mean "roti"
a-nai mean "roti canai"
e-sel mean "pensel"
em-po mean "syampoo"
che-gu mean "cikgu"
besh-kal mean "basikal"
a-nak mean "tak nak"
te-pat mean "cepat"

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