Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Check Local Listing

This year gonna make driving crazy 'bout the local cineplex
GSC itself already listed in their site for half-year
From the list
Here it is my cinema wishlist

Adnan Sempit
(Malay Comedy)

Sherlock Holmes
(My favourite and glamourous detective.. If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle still live, He should be proud of this)

Universal Soldier 3 : A New Beginning
(Jean-Claude Van Damme [old-timer hero] and Dolph Lundgren is back!!)

(maybe this movie just an optional)

Tooth Fairy
(Family Comedy-my optional)

Lu Pikirlah Sendiri The Movie
(I like Comedy from Nabil itself..perhaps)

Percy Jackson and The Olympians:The Lightning Thief
(Greek history hah?? just for entertainment maybe)

Niyang Rapik
(Horror Movie)

Iron Man 2
(Maybe this gonna be my movie of the year)

(popular game adaptation..of course action!!)

Shrek Forever After
(Animation movie..Yeah interesting..Watch the trailer!)

Prince of Persia : The Sand of Time
(also Popular game adaptation..but I'm kinda like it (the action haa!!)

King of Fighter
(Popular Game Adaptation-action-"I would like to see Kyo Kusanagi action")

Toy Story 3
(such a long time waitin'..They are back!!)

Ip Man 2
(Kungfu maaa...gonna watch this)

from the above list, too many right?..
I have money, transportation...
all listed, I'll be there...
as "kaki wayang" i can't neglect it..
Just want to release the stresses, and all double-trouble thing
sometime I'm missed already to watch
hah!! gor blimey....
When I'm realized that already missed,
I'm just gonna wait for 3-5 months to download it..
Such a long time...
I'm still enjoyed it..

My collection also too many..
If you want it,
You can pay me just RM 1 per movie and I give yer the copy..
(just for download service payment)
OK See Ya!!

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